Saturday, 10 May 2008

A big clear up & some bracelets!

I tidied up all my beads & bits & bobs today and had a good old sort out. Very therapeutic!

I then decided to make a couple of gemstone bracelets :-

This one is made with Peach Moonstone, it looks lovely in real life with subtle flashes of colour in the stones.

I then did a similar one using Tigers Eye nuggets & also made some matching earrings on Sterling silver wires.

I also had fun sorting out seed beads and assorted smaller beads & mixing them into various 'Bead Soup' mixtures where I only had smaller amounts. I am going to use these to make some more multi strand necklaces & maybe a few more tassel necklaces. Watch this space!!

Monday, 5 May 2008

A few bits & bobs

I went to a Charity Ball on Saturday & suddenly realised I didn't have a necklace! So here's what I hastily made from what I had in my Swarovski crystal collection (& I temporarily borrowed the pendant from NBGs Vintage swap pressie!) - it was VERY sparkly!
I have also just made another tassel necklace in my favourite sea foamy colours. This will go in the craft fair pile.