Sunday, 25 January 2009

Finger Knitting

Thanks to a wonderful tutorial on Folksy (by Lucy Jackson), I am now hooked on finger knitting! It's so easy and literally impossible to put down once you start (because it's wrapped round your fingers!!)

Here is my first scarf - made with one 50g ball of chunky Rowan wool. Because it's only thin, it can wrap several times around & feels lovely & snuggly!

Saturday, 24 January 2009

Oh my Goodness, where has the time gone?!

I haven't posted anything for months! (oh, the shame!) But to be honest, I've not done much crafting at all, due to the workload on my distance learning course. So here is a bit of a catch up! I made some more photo tile cufflinks for a colleague and also a photo tile keyring for a friend (sorry no pics). I've sold a couple more items off Folksy (in spite of my totally rubbish photos on there!!) & I must get myself together & add some more bits & bobs.

I ventured into the scary world of sewing by making this sock monkey from a little pair of my sons socks.

I amazed myself by managing to sew in a straight line, so when he outgrew his favourite pyjamas I decided to try & make something out of them. He was quite determined with what he wanted me to make & my brief was "like a cushion, not girlie, with a wobbly mouth and legs".

Here's what evolved..... Mr PJ and his sidekick Mini PJ!!

Today I even managed a bit of very basic beading. I used a mix of greens & browns to make two "multi wearable" necklace/bracelets (I really must think up a better name!).

They are basically just beads threaded onto knotted leather thong that can be worn as a necklace, choker or wrapped several times round the wrist as a bracelet. The photo is rubbish but you get the idea! Very simple, but I just like the colours together.