Saturday, 19 April 2008

Commission for a Mumsnetter

Here is a bracelet I made for Mumsnetter Ninedragons:-

She had a definite idea to use labradorite, iolite and rainbow moonstone - the photo does not do them justice, the blue flashes in the stones are amazing. I hung the stones almost like a charm bracelet onto a sterling silver bracelet and added some Swarovski crystals for added sparkle. Each stone hangs from a sterling silver wrapped loop (I had aching hands when I'd finished!) and sterling silver jump ring.

I'm really pleased how it's turned out and to be honest, I'll be a bit sad to post it off (I might just have to make myself a variation !!)

Thursday, 3 April 2008

Another Crochet Lariat

This time in white with turquoise beads!

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Crochet Lariat & a Challenge !

Here is the finished lariat, as per the one in Bead magazine.

I've used lime green seed beads, black thread and some assorted green beads on the bottom.

It seems to hang quite nicely when it's on too.

I really like doing the crochet chains - it's very restful! I'm now pondering my next project/

Here's what I got sent from the Bead Buddies Forum - a mystery bag challenge.

The idea being you buy a mystery pack (everyone gets the same items in the packs) and you make something with it.

You are allowed to add findings, (clasps, earwires pins, threads, wire and crimps) but apart from that, nothing can be added, and you have to try and use at least a little of everything in the pack

It's the first one I have done & I found it a bit daunting. Those seed beads really are luminous hi viz yellow/green !!

The photos haven't been posted yet on the forum but here is my attempt (that necklace really is hideous!). I brick stitched the beads to a piece of beading wire, linked the hoops together to form a chain & filled the wire star with the beads to give it more 'colour'!
I then used the flowers & some of the seed beads to make some 'matching' earrings!

OOo I've been Tagged !

I'm a bit of a newbie to all this Blog stuff, but I have been tagged by for a Meme. Now I did have to look up exactly what this means but I think I have to write a little about Me, so here goes :-

4 Jobs I have had :
Waitress - my first ever employment was as a waitress in our local pub. It was basically supposed to last over the summer holidays but what actually happened was that I got a 'proper' job, so my waitress experience only lasted about a week!
Laboratory Technician - to be honest I only went for the interview for the experience BUT got offered the job. It put me in a bit of a dilemma as I had done 1 year of A levels & was just about to start the 2nd year. The job allowed me to carry on studying so I accepted it. I worked in various departments & various roles within the same chemical company for 'quite a while'!
Health & Safety Manager - still with the same chemical company, I moved into a H&S role and did yet more qualifications. I loved the job and stayed with it up until 2 years ago. The company was restructuring & my role was going to change from a 'people' role to a paper shuffling desk job. So I took redundancy. (personally I think also having a child & wanting flexible working had something to do with it)
Teaching Assistant - so now I come to what I do now, a TA in a Secondary school. Not being one to just sit back, I've done TA qualifications & am just about to start a Dsylexia qualification. I love the job, although some of the kids are 'challenging' (but then so are some of the staff!!)

4 Favourite Films :
4 Weddings & a Funeral
When Harry Met Sally
Life of Brian
Monty Python & The Holy Grail
(chick flicks & silly humour, that's me!)

4 Places I've Been :
Paris - lovely place, snotty people (sorry!)
Barcelona - Wow - loved it all. Hubby deserved a medal for negotiating the traffic!
Ibiza - before it really took off with all the 'clubbing scene'. Away from the mad crowds it's a beautiful place
Granada - can you tell I like Spain? Amazingly friendly people & wonderful scenery

4 Places I've Lived :
I'm afraid I've only lived in the same town all my life (however I have lived in different areas of the town) unlike hubby who has moved about all over the country.

4 Favourite TV shows :
Life on Mars
Any sort of 'house' building / moving abroad programme

4 Favourite Radio programmes :
I am a terrible radio 'flicker' so I rarely ever listen to just one station let alone one programme. Basically general talking & waffle on the radio bores me so I have to turn over to find decent music!

4 Favourite Foods :
Spanish Tapas - especially garlic & chilli prawns
Seafood in general - anything fishy!
Hubbys Sunday Roast dinners (he's such a good cook!)
Minty Chocolate

4 Places I'd Rather Be :
By the sea in Cornwall
Somewhere remote & beautiful in Scotland
Anywhere away from the crowds in Spain
Anywhere with my family (hubby & son)

So that's me - Is everyone still awake ??!!
Right I think I have to tag other people now so it will have to be Dingle, Lucykate, VV and I will have to think up another!