Sunday, 18 November 2007

Today I was in Beady Heaven !

I visited Chester Bead Fair today - truely bead heaven! I bought far too much stuff (my excuse being that I need a 'few bits & bobs' to make some new things for the school fayre!). I had to drag myself away from each stall but I was quite good and didn't buy any really expensive stuff. I bought some bookmarks to bead, some more shell beads, some metal beads, some cute tiny little heart shaped beads and had a good rummage through as many Sale baskets as I could.

My main spend though was an absolutely gorgeous gemstone lariat necklace (yes, I know I can make them myself - but this was so scrummy I just couldn't leave it lying there - and it was half price !!). It was made by Gem Fusion from freshwater pearls and agate nuggets & will be an early Christmas pressie for me !!

As well as beads, there were quite a few jewellery stalls and I'm glad to say I have got some enthusiasm back to start making a few more things. Whatch this space !

Friday, 16 November 2007

Finally - something proper !!

After weeks of looking and stroking these beads, I finally got round to making something with them. Three bracelets - one for me, one for a friend's birthday and one for the school fayre.

They are Ocean Jasper - a gemstone that is believed to be very soothing. It is known as the supreme nurturer, it sustains and supports during times of stress and brings peace of mind. Being a type of jasper, ocean jasper is a very protective stone and is supposed to ward off evil.

Personally, I just think that they are so pretty - like pebbles on the beach, each bead is so different and the swirling colours are amazing, the photo just does not do them justice. I always find gemstones are very tactile and these in particular just need to be stroked !

Thursday, 15 November 2007

I don't really count it as crafting...

But I have made a load of memory wire beaded bangles for the school fayre. I feel it's a bit of a cop out but I know that if I don't make some simple, cheaper things I won't sell as much.
I've put a little charm or bead on the end of each one, just to make them more interesting.

(sorry for the uninspiring photo - it's so hard taking photos without the sun!)

The difficulty now is pricing, I really am useless at that!

And I thought I would include another cute pic of Bella the cat (the real one!), reclining in a box by the fire (why do cats like sitting in boxes so much??)

Sunday, 11 November 2007

I've been getting a bit Christmassy!

I actually managed to make something today (I think because the sun was shining a bit!). I did 2 of these beaded Christmas Baubles which took about one hour each to complete. I am hoping to do a few different designs for the school Christmas Fayre.
They look fairly complicated but actually are easy but rather time consuming.

Friday, 9 November 2007

I'm really not very good at this blogging thing!

Last weekend was a bit traumatic as I had my handbag stolen - hence I have no credit card for any beady purchases (a good way of not spending!). Anyway, I am still waiting for some sterling silver bits to arrive so that I can make a personalised charm bracelet - I do hate the post sometimes.

However I will have to get myself in gear soon as I have just said yes to the school Christmas Fayre on December 1st. I sold quite a bit of stuff at last years fayre so hopefully I can do the same again, although you really never know at these things. I have been told though that there is another jewellery stall (so we will be exchanging killer glances across the school hall if one of use makes a sale !). I'm going to concentrate on making smaller things which I can sell for less. I don't charge a huge amount for my stuff anyway but I know something for £10 is quite dear at school events (when everything else on sale is 50p!!). I have an idea to make some beaded bookmarks & maybe a few mobile phone charms to top up my 'stock'. I find the worst thing about doing a fayre is all the bits & bobs you have to plan in - like having loads of change, plastic bags, things with your details on etc.

Saturday, 3 November 2007

And Finally - Some Craft Stuff!

Well it's about time that I actually added something vaguely connected to crafting and my love of beads and all things shiny. I saw some lovely things whilst on holiday (and some very over priced things too!). One idea that I saw in several shops were charm bangles. I am a very bangle-y person and decided I had to have one, but the prices they were charging (£60-£90!)put me off.

I recently made a personalised charm bracelet for a friends 40th and found a wonderful website for all things silvery. Going back to the website, I noticed that they stocked bangles and so here is my version - which is ideal for my skinny wrists as its not as heavy as the ones I saw in the shops (and nowhere near as expensive!)

The shell is to remind me of the lovely Cornish beaches, an amethyst as it's my favourite colour & gemstone and a heart for my lovely family. I still need some silver split rings to properly hang the charms, but I am very pleased with the effect - and it's lovely and jangly! I have a Troll bracelet that has moveable charms and glass beads and these also will fit onto the bangle, so I can have all sorts of changes of design whenever I fancy!

Well, it's not exactly 'crafting' - more like just sourcing the components - but I am rather chuffed with it! I have also made a Mother of Pearl shell necklace in lovely Autumn colours as a swap which has got me back into 'properly' making things. Once I have worked out how to do links, I will post a link to Gingermonkeys lovely blog!

Thursday, 1 November 2007

Bella's Foray in the World of Celebs (well, one)

Last week, when Bella 2 and I were mooching round Cornwall, we found ourselves in Port Isaac. Hubby and son were doing that great 'man thing' of throwing stones into the sea (maybe that's what causing the seas to rise??) and I took the opportunity to have a meander round the little streets. We've visited the area many times, so when I spotted a new 'nick-knacky' shop I made an immediate bee-line for it's enticing windows.

On further inspection, it was packed full of scrummy things and I spotted a lovely scarf that I just had to have (I am a sucker for a nice scarf !). It was only when I was paying that I noticed an abundance of items designed by Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen & then I realised that it was his wife's shop!

Slightly giggling to myself about the celeb-connection I turned to leave the shop & found myself stood in the doorway as a large Land Rover pulled up - driven by, yes LLB himself - well, Bella2 nearly jumped out of my bag in suprise! Actually I am sure that if Mr LLB (who's hair is very large in real life) had seen Bella2, he would have loved to have some of her family for sale in the shop.

Incidentally, Port Isaac is also the place were they film Doc Martin with Marin Clunes. We didn't see him, although practically everyone on holiday that you walked past around the place seemed to be doing an "I-Spy" checklist of locations....."Ooooo look Flora, that's the place where Doc Martin stopped to tie his shoe lace in episode 15"

Monday, 29 October 2007

More Cornish Musings from the Fluffy Mind of Bella 2

OK - so I have lots of admirers asking for more of me !! Well I am a pretty special cat after all. I found it quite amusing to sneak a peek at what was going on around me as I mooched round the Cornish coast, so I thought I'd share my musings with you.

I have noticed that there are several 'classic' types that frequent this particular corner of the world. I don't intend to offend anyone but thought I'd share them with you :-

1) Over Enthusiastic Toddler Dad - oh how annoying is this type !? He walks around with a gaggle of toddlers like an 'almost off duty' Cbeebies presenter. We met one in the aquarium and were followed round with over enthusiastic cries of "Oh look ! There's a stripey fish !! Can you see its red and white stripes?" and 2 seconds later "Look ! There's a little turtle ! Can you see it's little head ?" I think he actually talked with exclamation marks after every comment. How he kept it up all day, I'll never know.

2) Boden Family - These were everywhere with their patterned wellies on, cardis with flowers, assorted items of corduroy clothing and scarves. Boden Mum often seemed oblivious to Boden Child rolling about in the sand and Boden Child was often called Izzy or Natasha. They were NEVER seen eating pasties.

3) National Trust Old Dears - Of course these frequented NT properties in their tweed skirts and sensible wooly jumpers over a white blouse with a frilly collar. Real NT Old Dears are the volunteers who stand in the musty rooms and insist on telling you about the history of the curtains in great detail, whilst failing to notice that your child has escaped and that you have to go and retrive them before they start playing Chopsticks on the 18th century harpsichord. NTODs can also be seen out of their natural habitat, eating cream teas at any time of the day and buying shortbread in gift shops.

4) WetSuit Weekenders - This group consists of all ages but all have a common feature - they have cast iron feet and are therefore able to walk everywhere barefoot without wincing.

That's enough for today I think. I really must make Whizzz type something vaguely related to craft stuff soon.

Sunday, 28 October 2007

Cornish Adventures of a Travelling Cat

For those of you that saw the lovely cat (inspired by my cat Bella) that Lucykate made in exchange for one of my jewellery creations, I thought I would update you with what she has been doing over the last week.

We have all been on holiday to Cornwall - an area we all love, while the 'real' Bella relaxed in luxury at a very nice 'cat hotel' (we couldn't call it a cattery just in case she turned her nose up at it!). Here are a few photos so you can see what Bella 2 got up to.

Here she is assessing the days surf conditions. We had great weather and only had rain on the day we left.

At Pendennis Castle in Falmouth, she got a little too close to one of the cannons.....

...And got into more mischief at an aquarium..

But all in all, she had a great time and especially liked the Cornish Pasties !

Well that's it for now, my very first Blog !! Hopefully I will add a few 'crafty' type posts as I have been inspired (as always) by the wonderful Cornish scenery and all the little galleries full of scrummy things.