Tuesday, 19 August 2008

A bit of an Arty Challenge

During various crafty discussions, the idea of turning other images into tiles popped up and Misty/Hells mentioned she'd like one of her daughters first 'proper' drawings on a tile. The original photo is on her blog here :- http://hells-littlegeckos.blogspot.com/

So, with a bit of fiddling, I photo-shopped the image and enhanced the lines a little to get this image:

Then it was a question of cropping this and doing more Photo Shop trickery to try and turn it into an image that would look good on a tile.

I turned it into a simple black & white line drawing, shrunk it right down and then added blended chalks in pinky/purple to give it a bit of a coloured background.

Here's how it ended up (although it still needs another coat of glaze and a hanging bail).
The photo is not brilliant as it's so hard to see pale colours as the glaze is so reflective - it does look better in real life, I promise!

Monday, 18 August 2008

Another Group & more Ideas!

Well I still can't believe I sold one of my tiles on Folksy!! I only put it up that morning too! Here's hoping the buyer still likes it when it arrives. I've added two more tiles today.

Here's the next batch of tiles :- (the hardest thing is getting a decent photo as they are so shiny!)
The top ones are made from a fabby peachy/pinky paper that has little bits of glitter on it, some black,red & gold flowery paper and....drum roll....you can see - I have tried out a new idea, using mulberry paper.
The one in the top group is finished, the bottom group just need one more coat of glaze but I am rather pleased with the effect.

Friday, 15 August 2008

A few more 'double glazed' (!) Tiles

I've made a few more Scrabble type tiles today. This time I did two coats of glaze to get the tiles more 'domed'.
The middle top one was an experiment - putting one coat of glaze, then a mulberry flower & then adding another coat of glaze. The result (although it doesn't really show in the photo) is the flower seems to float a little above the surface of the tile. I've got some sequin type flowers which I might try next!

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

I've got a Folksy Shop!

A bit of a spur of the moment decision, but I have decided to give it a go on Folksy
I still have more stuff to add (& I need to work out how to photo necklaces so that the picture ends up square) but as it's free to sell on there at the moment, what is there to lose!?

Fingers Crossed!

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Officially Chuffed!

I had another go with some proper sized scrabble tiles today and here is the result :-

The last two flower ones are photos that I have taken and shrunk to tiny size! I haven't got the bails yet for mounting them but I am quite please with how they have turned out.

My second bit of crafting today was this ring :

It's made using a 18mm sieve blank, glass leaves, acryllic flowers & pearls, seed beads and a Swaro crystal. I've wanted to make this kind of ring for ages and finally bought a lovely sieve blank from www.Nostalgiabeads.com as I came across them at the Haydock bead fair on Sunday.

I am officially CHUFFED :-)

Friday, 1 August 2008

First Attempt at Wooden Tile Pendants

Well here are the results of my first try at making 'Scrabble Tile' inspired pendants. I've just used some scrap patterend paper left over from my card making.
The fairy castle one was inspired by the 'Once Upon A Time' swap which I hadn't signed up for but thought I'd try & do anyway - I have used glitter over the paper for extra 'fairy magic'!

They proved quite tricky to photo because of the glossy nature of the glaze. But I was pleasantly suprised that they look OK! I need to get some bails to secure onto the back, but they are such good fun to make & I recommend ScrabbleGals tutorial!