Monday, 31 March 2008

Another Multi Strand Necklace

I like making these !

This time one in metallic colours - bronze, copper, teal, grey, black - in fact all sorts of colours

Thursday, 27 March 2008

This weeks bits & bobs

I've been making a few basic things this week - some simple Mother of Pearl shell bracelets and matching earrings. A couple using rectangle beads in dark blue and coral pink.

Then a set using green patterned shell oval beads.

I noticed some pale turquoise beads hiding at the bottom of my beady box and decided to make a set of earrings using sterling silver.

In another change of direction, I got round to using some chunky haematite cubes to make this choker style necklace.

Then the sun came out and I found myself making a very sugary sweet fun set using these dinky little square beads. The beads reminded me of Tutti Frutti sweets from 'long ago' !!

Monday, 24 March 2008

Another new technique

After seeing a lariat in BEAD magazine made of crochet - I decided to give it a go, although I didn't have the right type of thread so used embroidery thread instead! Here's how it came out.....

I ended up with one longer piece and a short piece, so I am not quite sure what to do with them next! However I have ordered some cotton thread now so when that arrives, I can give it a proper go.

Here's something else I made this weekend - a black line jasper necklace, bracelet & earrings for a friend to give as a gift. I've not used this shape of bead before and I quite like it as it's so chunky.

Sunday, 16 March 2008

When you just go.....WOW !

I had one of those moments today where once you've made something, you step back, look at it and go "Wow - I made that !"

I used the Flower Chain pattern in the 'Beads & Beyond' magazine to make this necklace, which also has lime pearls in it. I am rather chuffed with it, even though I know it's not perfect and it's only silver plated BUT it just looks so nice! My plan now is to do a sterling silver version so watch this space. I am so hooked on chain maille now - but boy does it make your hands ache!

Here's what I made this morning - another shaggy loop dangle, this time in lime green (yes, MORE lime!). I've put it on a plain lime green seed bead necklace but I'm not sure it looks quite right ?

I also used some amethyst pillows that I had left from a friends bracelet, to make another one.

Saturday, 15 March 2008

Feeling a Little Green!

I was feeling a little green this morning - mostly due to too much alcohol the night before (!), but also as I bought some rather nice lime freshwater pearls last weekend from Chester.

I strung them with a few lime crystals and some Tibetan silver beads to show off a beautiful focal bead by Anna from the wonderfully named Beads on Toast (

Today I also bought a copy of Beads and Beyond and noticed a rather interesting tip on curling beading wire. So I made another multistrand necklace, but this time using curled wire and I think it looks rather nice!

Monday, 10 March 2008

My first bit of Chain Maille

I have been wanting to have a go at this for ages - so here is my first attempt at chain maille.
I made a 'Shaggy Loop' bracelet with a silver plated toggle clasp and as I had beads left over, made a matching 'dangle' to hang on a necklace. I have put it temporarily onto a white gold chain, as I need to get a suitable silver one.
The colours of the seed beads haven't really come out in the photo - they are rather nice garnet lined topaz.

I am definately hooked & now fancy getting maybe some copper rings & trying another pattern! Oops, there goes more money!

Sunday, 9 March 2008

Back from Chester Bead Fair

Back with just a small bag of beady lovlies! I raided as many sale baskets as I could find and got a few nice bargains. I splurged a little on some hefty haematite cubes and a lovely strand of acid lime freshwater pearls but mostly just bought small bits & bobs. The nicest thing was meeting a few people from the UK Beaders Forum.
Anyway I came home & started making a Shaggy Loop bracelet with 5mm jump rings & some lovely Miyuki magatamas (that's odd shaped seed beads!). It's about half way done & I hope to get it finished tomorrow.

Saturday, 8 March 2008

Todays Creations

Well here is what I have been up to today:

First off a bracelet made with some scrummy cube beads which I've had for ages.

I also made some earrings to match

Then, as I sold one of my tassel necklaces in turquoise this week, I decided to make a similar one.
I also had a big tidy up and sort out, as hopefully I am going to the Chester Bead Fair tomorrow (beady heaven!) - a whole room full of beads and sparkly bits!
I also splurged this week and bought some lovely orphan beads from Anna Richards at Beads on Toast ( ). She uses such lovely colours and I have been admiring her beautiful beads for ages, so hopefully I will be able to do them justice.

Sunday, 2 March 2008

Self Indulgence

From the Mumsnet Crafters Blog :
"Everyone needs a little me time, a little self indulgence. Crafting is no exception because though you love to craft it isn’t always something for you. Its something to sell, a gift to make for a friend, another thing for the kids. When was the last time you actually sat down and made something just for you? Made something for the sheer joy of your chosen craft ? The challenge is to put on your favourite CD, sit in the middle of your crafting space, and see what the music inspire you to do. Go on be selfish and make something for you and you alone."

So today I hid myself away in the conservatory, put on my MP3 player with it's eclectic range of music and rifled through my beady stash. I have a couple of lovely focal lampwork beads made by Tania Grey so I decided today to stop just looking at them and to actually make something!

This focal is a whopper, a really heavy encased bead with swirly purples, green leaves and tiny pale purple & white flowers. I put it with opaque lilac, lime green and clear seed beads and it's just for ME!

(sorry if the colours appear wonky - I am having trouble with my PC monitor)

Saturday, 1 March 2008

A 'Fugly' Focal !

From a funraising idea on UK Beaders, I bought several 'fugly' beads (I actually didn't think they were ugly at all) and here is the first thing I have made with one of them. The bead is clear, red & black so I decided I'd better use black and red beads and it's come out a bit Goth / Emo!!

I also rustled up this bracelet for my mum today for Mums Day - it's made with aventurine - UPDATED - Oops no it's not aventurine, it's AMAZONITE - doh!