Sunday, 28 October 2007

Cornish Adventures of a Travelling Cat

For those of you that saw the lovely cat (inspired by my cat Bella) that Lucykate made in exchange for one of my jewellery creations, I thought I would update you with what she has been doing over the last week.

We have all been on holiday to Cornwall - an area we all love, while the 'real' Bella relaxed in luxury at a very nice 'cat hotel' (we couldn't call it a cattery just in case she turned her nose up at it!). Here are a few photos so you can see what Bella 2 got up to.

Here she is assessing the days surf conditions. We had great weather and only had rain on the day we left.

At Pendennis Castle in Falmouth, she got a little too close to one of the cannons.....

...And got into more mischief at an aquarium..

But all in all, she had a great time and especially liked the Cornish Pasties !

Well that's it for now, my very first Blog !! Hopefully I will add a few 'crafty' type posts as I have been inspired (as always) by the wonderful Cornish scenery and all the little galleries full of scrummy things.


Adele said...

LOL Whizzz!!! Welcome to the land of Blog!! I adore your pics of Bella 2 on her hols and will watch your crafty progress with great interest.

Love Dingle.x

tillyboo said...

Ooh,lovely pics, very humorous. I think there is lots of mileage for Bellas own Blog ?

'The life and times of Bella'

Your pics reminded me of :
A quick story ... a very old boyfriend of mine (& his silly friends) once upon a time kidnapped a gnome from a garden in his home town. Now, whenever my ex went on holiday he took the gnome with him and photographed him in lots of funny places and situations. he sent these photo's and postcards to the gnomes owner at intervals telling him that he was fine ad having a fab time !
They even painted him brown when he went to majorca.
It made the local papers and most people found it hilarious and couldn't wait for the next postcard to arrive.

All except the owner no doubt. Still makes me chuckle even now.

KittyKat said...

Ohh, Whizz, fantastic start to your blog, great pics, shall come back and check on your progress!
A fellow mner

AnnieB said...

great photos - nice idea to take bella on hols. dead jealous she went to cornwall

Katy said...

whooo! Whizzz has a blog!!!! Looks like Bella2 had a fab time, and I'm with TB - Bella's own blog, lol!

lucykate crafts... said...

oh my goodness :o

that has made me laugh soooo much : ) lucky bella! (so jealous, i love cornish pasties) lots of people have asked me where my bracelet came from, now i know where to direct them!

love the pic of bella and the cannon!!