Monday, 29 October 2007

More Cornish Musings from the Fluffy Mind of Bella 2

OK - so I have lots of admirers asking for more of me !! Well I am a pretty special cat after all. I found it quite amusing to sneak a peek at what was going on around me as I mooched round the Cornish coast, so I thought I'd share my musings with you.

I have noticed that there are several 'classic' types that frequent this particular corner of the world. I don't intend to offend anyone but thought I'd share them with you :-

1) Over Enthusiastic Toddler Dad - oh how annoying is this type !? He walks around with a gaggle of toddlers like an 'almost off duty' Cbeebies presenter. We met one in the aquarium and were followed round with over enthusiastic cries of "Oh look ! There's a stripey fish !! Can you see its red and white stripes?" and 2 seconds later "Look ! There's a little turtle ! Can you see it's little head ?" I think he actually talked with exclamation marks after every comment. How he kept it up all day, I'll never know.

2) Boden Family - These were everywhere with their patterned wellies on, cardis with flowers, assorted items of corduroy clothing and scarves. Boden Mum often seemed oblivious to Boden Child rolling about in the sand and Boden Child was often called Izzy or Natasha. They were NEVER seen eating pasties.

3) National Trust Old Dears - Of course these frequented NT properties in their tweed skirts and sensible wooly jumpers over a white blouse with a frilly collar. Real NT Old Dears are the volunteers who stand in the musty rooms and insist on telling you about the history of the curtains in great detail, whilst failing to notice that your child has escaped and that you have to go and retrive them before they start playing Chopsticks on the 18th century harpsichord. NTODs can also be seen out of their natural habitat, eating cream teas at any time of the day and buying shortbread in gift shops.

4) WetSuit Weekenders - This group consists of all ages but all have a common feature - they have cast iron feet and are therefore able to walk everywhere barefoot without wincing.

That's enough for today I think. I really must make Whizzz type something vaguely related to craft stuff soon.


AnnieB said...

I find those over enthusiastic toddler dads are not only to be found in Cornwall. We have one at our local playgroup [shudder] it's exhausting just watching the man

am liking these whizz/bella ruminations

lucykate crafts... said...

oh, i know what you mean about boden types in cornwall, i deliberately leave all my boden at home ; )