Saturday, 19 January 2008

Inspiration - At Last !!

Today I finally got my act together & started to make a few different things. First, some very basic stitch markers that will be tried and tested before I make any more. I would like to make some using gemstones and maybe some lovely Swarovski crystals but I will see how these work out first!

Then I had bought some keyring chains and thought I would use some big chunky foil hearts on them.

Again, only basic stuff really but at least it got me to get my beads out, sit down and actually come up with something, without taking it apart again at the end!

Finally, I got a copy of BEAD magazine yesterday and have been inspired to try out some new techniques. There is a pattern for a 'Loop-di-Loop' seed bead bracelet which is very yummy but I thought I would start simple and have a bit of a trial attempt on something smaller, before I try the bracelet - so I went for some earrings. I have used a mixure of copper, orangey and pale brown seed beads which I think look quite nice together. The pattern is suprisingly simple, once you get going - just starting with a single string of beads and then making a little loop of beads come from each one. I will be brave and try a bracelet next I think !

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