Friday, 4 January 2008

Today is the first time I have got my beady stuff out since Christmas

...and I have been quite productive ! Hubby bought my some rainbow fluorite beads for Christmas and I decided to stick to a really simple design with tiny silver seed beads between each pebble, basically because the individual pebble beads are so beautiful, they don't really need much else.

The necklace is quite short and looks lovely on and then I made two variations of matching bracelet. One with a Thai silver Rose toggle clasp and another that is a simple memory wire bangle. I'm more of a 'bangle girl' so I think I prefer the bangle, although I may actually add a fasten as the stones make it quite heavy & I am not sure if it will catch & possibly come off ?? So I have decided to 'test drive' it and see how it behaves !
The second thing I made today is another gemstone bracelet, although I have to admit I can't actually remember what the stones are (oops) - possibly jasper or perhaps an agate ? Anyway whatever it is, I think the colours are very pretty ! This time I used small copper coloured seed beads in between each bead.

I also have some handmade lampwork beads which are so beautiful. So today I also toyed with them, although I am still pondering how to best use them. Each one is so unique that I can't decide what sort of bead will go with them to best compliment the colours & may be time to purchase some sterling silver and maybe some crystal !


AnnieB said...

they are lovely - I especially like the rainbow flourite set. What good taste your hubby has!

Meridian Ariel said...


the fluorite set is amazing, I love it, and I'm pretty sure the other one is a jasper as well, though not specifically which type.

The Coffee Lady said...

your blog is lovely Whizz

(Cappuccino, mumsnet)