Thursday, 5 June 2008

It's been a while!

I just have too much stuff on at the moment, so I have neglected my blog - so here is an attempt to update.

First a picture of a 'chunky turquoise' bracelet for MNs Ranting (sorry about the rubbish photo)

Then a photo of my stall at last weekend Family Fun Day and 'craft' marquee - note the quotes as most of the other jewellery stalls were 'bought in' overseas stuff (grr)

I tried to look vaguely professional - in case you were wondering there are 2 prices of earrings in the bowls + some mobile phone charms in the middle bowl, gemstone bracelets are on the two bracelet stands with various other bits & bobs scattered about. I did OK, covered the stall cost and then some more, so I was happy. There wasn't that much interest in the gemstone stuff which was disappointing, not many even looked at the price tags, so I don't think pricing was an issue. The stuff that did sell was mostly £4 - £5 stuff, although I did sell a £10 necklace. A bit of a confidence knocker really as I really want to concentrate on gemstone stuff, with possible sterling silver & sparkly Swarovski crystals too.....but I'm not sure if it would ever sell?

The funniest bit of the day was two girls who were both trying on a necklace, they ummed & arghed for about 10 mins, passing it back & forth between them. Then they did the same with a bracelet for another 10 minutes, considering various outfits it would or wouldn't go with. In the end they said they would go for a walk round to think about it and come back - they never did! I wouldn't mind if they were spending all that time pondering over a £50 item, but it was £7 they couldn't decide whether to spend or not.....and I thought I was bad!

I've got a few more photos to add of things I made just before the craft fair but I need to unpack the box to take pics. Hopefully I will add those soon.

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KittyKat said...

It is absolutely gorgeous, I wore it yesterday and a couple of people commented on it.
Thank you.