Thursday, 31 July 2008

Worlds Worst Blogger

Well it must be me! I thought it was about time I added something to here. First my prize which was won in a draw of people who voted for the talented Lynn Davy in the Ugly Necklace Competition :
There certainly were some truely horrendous designs but unfortunately Lynns was not bad enough to win!

Anyway - she was giving away either something Fabulous or something Fugly. I drew a Fugly - seen in all it's glory here:-


There are actually some very nice lampwork beads on there together with some Swarovski crystals - but as for the vomitting duck (blue bead at the end) - well, what can I say!!

I have done a tiny bit of crafting today, inspired by ScrabbleGal on Etsy - I am trying out some wooden tile jewellery. My first three attempts are currently this space as they say!

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