Friday, 1 August 2008

First Attempt at Wooden Tile Pendants

Well here are the results of my first try at making 'Scrabble Tile' inspired pendants. I've just used some scrap patterend paper left over from my card making.
The fairy castle one was inspired by the 'Once Upon A Time' swap which I hadn't signed up for but thought I'd try & do anyway - I have used glitter over the paper for extra 'fairy magic'!

They proved quite tricky to photo because of the glossy nature of the glaze. But I was pleasantly suprised that they look OK! I need to get some bails to secure onto the back, but they are such good fun to make & I recommend ScrabbleGals tutorial!


Hells said...

brilliant. I am in awe of your painting skills!! Love the fairy castle.

Apryl Lowe said...

the fairy castle looks great... see you could have joined the swap!

they all look great though... I shall add it to my list of crafty things i want to try but might not ever get around to.

Leah said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Fairy Tale Castle. They will look really good as pendants