Thursday, 1 November 2007

Bella's Foray in the World of Celebs (well, one)

Last week, when Bella 2 and I were mooching round Cornwall, we found ourselves in Port Isaac. Hubby and son were doing that great 'man thing' of throwing stones into the sea (maybe that's what causing the seas to rise??) and I took the opportunity to have a meander round the little streets. We've visited the area many times, so when I spotted a new 'nick-knacky' shop I made an immediate bee-line for it's enticing windows.

On further inspection, it was packed full of scrummy things and I spotted a lovely scarf that I just had to have (I am a sucker for a nice scarf !). It was only when I was paying that I noticed an abundance of items designed by Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen & then I realised that it was his wife's shop!

Slightly giggling to myself about the celeb-connection I turned to leave the shop & found myself stood in the doorway as a large Land Rover pulled up - driven by, yes LLB himself - well, Bella2 nearly jumped out of my bag in suprise! Actually I am sure that if Mr LLB (who's hair is very large in real life) had seen Bella2, he would have loved to have some of her family for sale in the shop.

Incidentally, Port Isaac is also the place were they film Doc Martin with Marin Clunes. We didn't see him, although practically everyone on holiday that you walked past around the place seemed to be doing an "I-Spy" checklist of locations....."Ooooo look Flora, that's the place where Doc Martin stopped to tie his shoe lace in episode 15"

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Cathy said...

Just found your blog through LucyKate Crafts - your previous post made me laugh loads. My in-laws live in Cornwall and I recognise all of the types you listed! Looking forward to checking back soon.
Cathy XX