Sunday, 18 November 2007

Today I was in Beady Heaven !

I visited Chester Bead Fair today - truely bead heaven! I bought far too much stuff (my excuse being that I need a 'few bits & bobs' to make some new things for the school fayre!). I had to drag myself away from each stall but I was quite good and didn't buy any really expensive stuff. I bought some bookmarks to bead, some more shell beads, some metal beads, some cute tiny little heart shaped beads and had a good rummage through as many Sale baskets as I could.

My main spend though was an absolutely gorgeous gemstone lariat necklace (yes, I know I can make them myself - but this was so scrummy I just couldn't leave it lying there - and it was half price !!). It was made by Gem Fusion from freshwater pearls and agate nuggets & will be an early Christmas pressie for me !!

As well as beads, there were quite a few jewellery stalls and I'm glad to say I have got some enthusiasm back to start making a few more things. Whatch this space !


Katy said...

that is very pretty, and at half price it would have been rude to leave it there, wouldn't it ;)

Claire said...

I know what you mean about buying things you could make, but sometimes just cos you can can also mean that you also need to support others who can! Just seen your blog via Katy's. I also wonder why cats like boxes so much! One of mine is obsessed