Wednesday, 2 April 2008

OOo I've been Tagged !

I'm a bit of a newbie to all this Blog stuff, but I have been tagged by for a Meme. Now I did have to look up exactly what this means but I think I have to write a little about Me, so here goes :-

4 Jobs I have had :
Waitress - my first ever employment was as a waitress in our local pub. It was basically supposed to last over the summer holidays but what actually happened was that I got a 'proper' job, so my waitress experience only lasted about a week!
Laboratory Technician - to be honest I only went for the interview for the experience BUT got offered the job. It put me in a bit of a dilemma as I had done 1 year of A levels & was just about to start the 2nd year. The job allowed me to carry on studying so I accepted it. I worked in various departments & various roles within the same chemical company for 'quite a while'!
Health & Safety Manager - still with the same chemical company, I moved into a H&S role and did yet more qualifications. I loved the job and stayed with it up until 2 years ago. The company was restructuring & my role was going to change from a 'people' role to a paper shuffling desk job. So I took redundancy. (personally I think also having a child & wanting flexible working had something to do with it)
Teaching Assistant - so now I come to what I do now, a TA in a Secondary school. Not being one to just sit back, I've done TA qualifications & am just about to start a Dsylexia qualification. I love the job, although some of the kids are 'challenging' (but then so are some of the staff!!)

4 Favourite Films :
4 Weddings & a Funeral
When Harry Met Sally
Life of Brian
Monty Python & The Holy Grail
(chick flicks & silly humour, that's me!)

4 Places I've Been :
Paris - lovely place, snotty people (sorry!)
Barcelona - Wow - loved it all. Hubby deserved a medal for negotiating the traffic!
Ibiza - before it really took off with all the 'clubbing scene'. Away from the mad crowds it's a beautiful place
Granada - can you tell I like Spain? Amazingly friendly people & wonderful scenery

4 Places I've Lived :
I'm afraid I've only lived in the same town all my life (however I have lived in different areas of the town) unlike hubby who has moved about all over the country.

4 Favourite TV shows :
Life on Mars
Any sort of 'house' building / moving abroad programme

4 Favourite Radio programmes :
I am a terrible radio 'flicker' so I rarely ever listen to just one station let alone one programme. Basically general talking & waffle on the radio bores me so I have to turn over to find decent music!

4 Favourite Foods :
Spanish Tapas - especially garlic & chilli prawns
Seafood in general - anything fishy!
Hubbys Sunday Roast dinners (he's such a good cook!)
Minty Chocolate

4 Places I'd Rather Be :
By the sea in Cornwall
Somewhere remote & beautiful in Scotland
Anywhere away from the crowds in Spain
Anywhere with my family (hubby & son)

So that's me - Is everyone still awake ??!!
Right I think I have to tag other people now so it will have to be Dingle, Lucykate, VV and I will have to think up another!

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AnnieB said...

crikey that was fast...mmm, yes I love garlic and chilli prawns and Spain too