Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Crochet Lariat & a Challenge !

Here is the finished lariat, as per the one in Bead magazine.

I've used lime green seed beads, black thread and some assorted green beads on the bottom.

It seems to hang quite nicely when it's on too.

I really like doing the crochet chains - it's very restful! I'm now pondering my next project/

Here's what I got sent from the Bead Buddies Forum - a mystery bag challenge.

The idea being you buy a mystery pack (everyone gets the same items in the packs) and you make something with it.

You are allowed to add findings, (clasps, earwires pins, threads, wire and crimps) but apart from that, nothing can be added, and you have to try and use at least a little of everything in the pack

It's the first one I have done & I found it a bit daunting. Those seed beads really are luminous hi viz yellow/green !!

The photos haven't been posted yet on the forum but here is my attempt (that necklace really is hideous!). I brick stitched the beads to a piece of beading wire, linked the hoops together to form a chain & filled the wire star with the beads to give it more 'colour'!
I then used the flowers & some of the seed beads to make some 'matching' earrings!

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