Saturday, 19 April 2008

Commission for a Mumsnetter

Here is a bracelet I made for Mumsnetter Ninedragons:-

She had a definite idea to use labradorite, iolite and rainbow moonstone - the photo does not do them justice, the blue flashes in the stones are amazing. I hung the stones almost like a charm bracelet onto a sterling silver bracelet and added some Swarovski crystals for added sparkle. Each stone hangs from a sterling silver wrapped loop (I had aching hands when I'd finished!) and sterling silver jump ring.

I'm really pleased how it's turned out and to be honest, I'll be a bit sad to post it off (I might just have to make myself a variation !!)


Suzanne Vaughan said...

Fantastic bracelet Whizz! I love the colours.

tillyboo said...

Beautiful work !

Shirley said...

Hiya m'dear - you've been tagged :0)

Miaou said...

Wow, a lot of work went into that one! Very nice.