Monday, 18 August 2008

Another Group & more Ideas!

Well I still can't believe I sold one of my tiles on Folksy!! I only put it up that morning too! Here's hoping the buyer still likes it when it arrives. I've added two more tiles today.

Here's the next batch of tiles :- (the hardest thing is getting a decent photo as they are so shiny!)
The top ones are made from a fabby peachy/pinky paper that has little bits of glitter on it, some black,red & gold flowery paper and....drum can see - I have tried out a new idea, using mulberry paper.
The one in the top group is finished, the bottom group just need one more coat of glaze but I am rather pleased with the effect.

1 comment:

Hells said...

Stunning. I love the bottom ones. The turqoisy one on your last post with the flowers is scrummy too.