Saturday, 3 November 2007

And Finally - Some Craft Stuff!

Well it's about time that I actually added something vaguely connected to crafting and my love of beads and all things shiny. I saw some lovely things whilst on holiday (and some very over priced things too!). One idea that I saw in several shops were charm bangles. I am a very bangle-y person and decided I had to have one, but the prices they were charging (£60-£90!)put me off.

I recently made a personalised charm bracelet for a friends 40th and found a wonderful website for all things silvery. Going back to the website, I noticed that they stocked bangles and so here is my version - which is ideal for my skinny wrists as its not as heavy as the ones I saw in the shops (and nowhere near as expensive!)

The shell is to remind me of the lovely Cornish beaches, an amethyst as it's my favourite colour & gemstone and a heart for my lovely family. I still need some silver split rings to properly hang the charms, but I am very pleased with the effect - and it's lovely and jangly! I have a Troll bracelet that has moveable charms and glass beads and these also will fit onto the bangle, so I can have all sorts of changes of design whenever I fancy!

Well, it's not exactly 'crafting' - more like just sourcing the components - but I am rather chuffed with it! I have also made a Mother of Pearl shell necklace in lovely Autumn colours as a swap which has got me back into 'properly' making things. Once I have worked out how to do links, I will post a link to Gingermonkeys lovely blog!


lucykate crafts... said...

love them both whizzz : )

Adele said...

Lovely Whizzz!! Glad you've got your mojo back!!

Love Dingle.xx