Thursday, 15 November 2007

I don't really count it as crafting...

But I have made a load of memory wire beaded bangles for the school fayre. I feel it's a bit of a cop out but I know that if I don't make some simple, cheaper things I won't sell as much.
I've put a little charm or bead on the end of each one, just to make them more interesting.

(sorry for the uninspiring photo - it's so hard taking photos without the sun!)

The difficulty now is pricing, I really am useless at that!

And I thought I would include another cute pic of Bella the cat (the real one!), reclining in a box by the fire (why do cats like sitting in boxes so much??)

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Katy said...

those are realy lovely, Whizzz. But as for pricing, crikey - I have no idea! I know from my daughter's school fair the kids had about a fiver each, and Grace bought some earrings for me for 2 quid (bless her, they were horrible too!), I would probably say if you can justify selling them for 2 or 3 pounds you'd get a decent amount sold. But is that too little? It's hard to know what to charge, isn't it?!