Friday, 9 November 2007

I'm really not very good at this blogging thing!

Last weekend was a bit traumatic as I had my handbag stolen - hence I have no credit card for any beady purchases (a good way of not spending!). Anyway, I am still waiting for some sterling silver bits to arrive so that I can make a personalised charm bracelet - I do hate the post sometimes.

However I will have to get myself in gear soon as I have just said yes to the school Christmas Fayre on December 1st. I sold quite a bit of stuff at last years fayre so hopefully I can do the same again, although you really never know at these things. I have been told though that there is another jewellery stall (so we will be exchanging killer glances across the school hall if one of use makes a sale !). I'm going to concentrate on making smaller things which I can sell for less. I don't charge a huge amount for my stuff anyway but I know something for £10 is quite dear at school events (when everything else on sale is 50p!!). I have an idea to make some beaded bookmarks & maybe a few mobile phone charms to top up my 'stock'. I find the worst thing about doing a fayre is all the bits & bobs you have to plan in - like having loads of change, plastic bags, things with your details on etc.

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tillyboo said...

Hi Whizz, bookmarks are a really good idea, I made a few for last years school fayre and they all sold.

They are great for those tight people who don't want to spend a lot !