Sunday, 24 February 2008

Another Craft Fair under my Belt

Well, I survived! It was, as expected, very small, not many stalls, not very busy & I don't think anyone sold that much (apart from the cake stall, that was empty in about 1 hour!). I did cover the stall cost and more, so I am happy and I got some nice comments (and repeat custom from last year too which was very nice).
The blue bracelet I made yesterday sold, but mostly it was bits & bobs - mobile phone charms and some of the key rings, bookmarks etc.

However I always think the nice things about doing craft fairs are the other stall holders, you get to hear where's good to sell and where is not so good. I must be braver I think & try some of the larger craft this space to see if I venture out of my comfort zone!

PS: Bella the cat has made a full recovery following her tumble off the roof yesterday & is back to her meowy self!

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lucykate crafts... said...

glad bella's ok, next time she wants to do something dangerous, tell her to send her stunt double!!