Saturday, 23 February 2008

Crafting All Day

I have spent all day sorting out stuff for the craft fair tomorrow. Once again it seems not to be very well advertised as I have scoured the local paper to no avail. Mostly I have been sorting out bags, labels, prices etc but I did make a couple of things.

Another bracelet with the chunky lozenge beads (which I wish I'd bought loads of!)

And this bracelet using pale green beads with gold foil inside - I also made some matching earrings.

We did have a drama today when our cat fell off the conservatory roof (she was trying to walk along the apex, slipped & slid down the roof with an awful lot of scrabbling!). Unfortunately there wasn't a soft or a flat landing & we think she probably landed on some bikes / bits of wood in next doors garden. Anyway she was very sorry for herself when she made her way slowly back in. We decided to take her to the vets as a precaution & thankfully they only said she was badly bruised. She's slept all afternoon but has just managed a walk round the house and decided to sit here - right in the middle of my craft fair preparations!

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Suzanne Vaughan said...

They always do that when their owners are packing things don't they!

She's cute.