Thursday, 14 February 2008

I've Recycled!

Here is my effort at recycling and re-using for the latest Mumsnet Crafters Challenge. I took two bracelets 'donated' by Gingermonkey for recyling a while back ........

I took them apart and managed to make a few bits & bobs. I had to add a few seed beads and a couple of other beads & earwires - but here's what I came up with.

The orange beads are acrylic and quite kitsch but I rather like them & have used them in some funky earrings and a key fob. The green beads were really quite sweet and I made two pairs of earrings. In the green bracelet was something that looked a bit like turquoise chips (not sure if it's real or imitation) but I used them to make another pair of earrings.

The toggles I will definately use in the future, probably on bracelets as they are lovely and chunky.

1 comment:

Katy said...

Oooh, I recognise those - and they look great now they've been recycled (the orange beads are super kitsch, aren't they?!)