Saturday, 2 February 2008

Busy Busy Busy

It's been far too cold to venture out today, so a good excuse to stay in and do some crafting (& watch the rugby too!). I started off with this banded agate necklace although I'm not sure it really 'goes' together ?? The photo isn't fantastic (I blame the overcast day) - the smaller beads are actually more browny than grey and beautifully banded with whirly patterns & do match the beautiful long Agate stone. I am a bit undecided whether it's a Hit or a Miss and I may yet decide to de-construct it and make something else with the gemstones.

Then as it was so cold, I rustled up these Icicle Earrings using various sizes of crystal. I also decided to make myself some 'frosty' earrings using silver foil hearts & crystals, however as I haven't got pierced ears, I need to get myself some nice clips - so they are a 'Work In Progress'!

My last creation took ages as it is a multi strand necklace (the first 'proper' one I have made. I find it really hard to make 'random' patterns as I always seem to find myself sub-conciously putting the beads in some sort of order. I wish I did the same in my house! Anyway, I am very pleased with the necklace - it has a toggle fasten which I seem to be putting on everything lately !

I have got a local Craft Fair coming up at the end of the month. It's only a small church hall one but I see it as a bit of experience and a chance to see what people like. I did the same one last year and only just covered the cost of the stall, but at least I'm a bit wiser about the 'potential customer base' (Doesn't that sound posh!?) - ie. people dropping in after going to church ! Maybe I should do a line in rosary beads ????

Anyway, other things I have made this week include a sterling silver and amethyst bracelet and earrings for a friend which has turned out so nice, I now want one for me ! (the photo again doesn't do it justice!)


Meridian Ariel said...

all very lovely... especially the bracelet.georgeous.. I have a thing for purple... and especially amathyst!

I haven't got pierced ears either and i beging to suspect now after so many years of not being bothered I am now missing out! ;o)

lucykate crafts... said...

i do like the little purple one : )