Thursday, 27 March 2008

This weeks bits & bobs

I've been making a few basic things this week - some simple Mother of Pearl shell bracelets and matching earrings. A couple using rectangle beads in dark blue and coral pink.

Then a set using green patterned shell oval beads.

I noticed some pale turquoise beads hiding at the bottom of my beady box and decided to make a set of earrings using sterling silver.

In another change of direction, I got round to using some chunky haematite cubes to make this choker style necklace.

Then the sun came out and I found myself making a very sugary sweet fun set using these dinky little square beads. The beads reminded me of Tutti Frutti sweets from 'long ago' !!


AnnieB said...

oooh whizz, I love every single one of these...totally gorgeous, especially the rectangle ones and the square tutti fruttis - beautiful!

SewToBed said...

I LOVE the haematite cubes.